Camp Nebagamon Names Next Director

Watch our announcement video where you can hear all of Camp’s full-time staff talk about this transition in their own words.

Read the Board of Director’s letter to the Camp Family HERE

Read Adam and Steph’s letter to the Camp Family HERE

Read Noah’s letter to the Camp Family HERE

As part of its latest transition to continue nearly 100 years of leadership, the Board of Directors of Camp Nebagamon announces the selection of Noah Stein as Camp’s next director.

Noah was a camper from 2005-2010 and then worked on staff in various roles from 2012 through 2023, most recently as Lumberjack Village Director. A native of Glencoe, IL and a graduate of the University of Colorado with a masters from Denver University, Noah has worked as a children’s mental health counseling professional when not working at Camp.

“Noah has our great admiration and respect, and we know he will be a great director of Camp. He follows in the footsteps of all of the previous directors of camp in all of the most important ways,” said outgoing directors Adam Kaplan and Stephanie Hanson. “Noah works as hard as anyone you will ever meet. Noah is the kind of guy that people know they can count on. Noah is the kind of guy that you know you can go to in a tough situation. Noah has the experience and training to handle even the most challenging moments in a child’s life.  And… Noah is fun to be around.”

“Noah has proven himself to be a natural leader with reliably strong judgment. But he also has a rich understanding of how to create an atmosphere in which kids will thrive. In addition to his many years on Camp’s senior staff, he has dedicated his professional career to the wellbeing of children,” shared Tom Elson, President of Camp Nebagamon’s Board of Directors. “Noah holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and most recently has served as a child and adolescent mental health counselor. His deep and professional counseling experience, on top of his experience leading kids as a wilderness instructor, and designing educational programming will no doubt be huge assets for Camp Nebagamon going forward.”

“I don’t know how many people in the world are ever offered the opportunity to do the one job they’ve always ever wanted to do. For some kids that dream job was to be a doctor, or a carpenter, or a professional basketball player. I always wanted to be a camp director,” Noah said. “Nebagamon shaped who I am today. This is the greatest honor of my life.”

“We are really looking forward to working with Noah over the course of the next year to ensure that Nebagamon is ready to transition into its next 100 years. We have no doubt that camp will be in great hands. Alongside Noah, camp’s year-round team is talented and experienced and will continue to be at the core of Nebagamon’s success. We are just so happy that Andy Mack, Joe Crain, Joe Briggs, Louis Levin, and Troika Brodsky (that is a combined 99 years on staff!!!) are all committed to Nebagamon and will provide continuity in the leadership team. This group of all-stars, Noah and the full-time staff, will shepherd this important and wonderful institution we all love so much into the future and guarantee that Camp Nebagamon stays Camp Nebagamon for generations to come,” added Adam and Steph.

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