Family Camp

Whether you are a Nebagamon alumni that is itching get reconnected with camp, or a prospective camper that wants to get a taste of what Camp Nebagamon is really like, or just an adventurous family looking for a great vacation in the North Woods, Camp Nebagamon’s Family Camp is a truly special experience.


Camp Nebagamon Family Camp is not a resort. Instead, we’re a place where everyone can come together in a friendly, fun, and comfortable atmosphere. People of all ages can find activities they enjoy, whether it’s sailing, tennis, biking, reading, waterskiing, or taking part in one of our many other activities offered each day. Evenings begin with a happy hour and end with entertaining programs and surprises. Meals at Family Camp are delicious buffets for breakfast and lunch, and sit-down meals for dinner.


Bring your children (those under age five must remain under a parent’s supervision at all times), your parents, your children’s friends, your friends…


There’s something for everyone at Family Camp! Climbing, tennis, swimming, talent shows, waterskiing, arts & crafts, softball, archery, canoeing, volleyball, fishing, reading, communing with nature, biking, day-dreaming, sunbathing, golfing (courses nearby), and sailing are just some of the activities you can take part in while there.

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Our Happy Family Campers Say….

“…the best family vacation ever…we did fun activities with our children and on our own…and we always knew that our kids were being well-supervised in their own activities by your great staff…”

“…a fabulous vacation for singles and single parents. There was always something to do and someone to do it with…”

“…we and our children made lasting friends at Nebagamon’s Family Camp. There’s a spirit there you just can’t describe…”

Fees & DATES

Fees for family Camp (each family group shares a cabin):

  • Ages 18 & over: $575/person
  • 1st & 2nd child: $400/person
  • 3rd & 4th child: $300/person
  • (no charge for children under age 2)

This year Family Camp runs from Tuesday August 13, 2024 to Monday August 19, 2024