What Makes Us Different

While there are many good residential summer camp programs out there, Nebagamon is clearly a different kind of place…a different kind of experience. Time and time again, we are told by campers, staff and alumni alike that Camp Nebagamon is where they became their “best self.”

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Why Summer Camp?

While there is nothing as important to a child’s growth as their parents, it is also invaluable to give children the opportunity to have an experience away from their parents. Learn more

Why 4- Or 8-Weeks?

In order to reap all of the benefits of a true camp experience, it takes time. read more

It is our desire to preserve Camp Nebagamon as a refuge. A place where boys can leave behind the stresses and pressures of their regular lives. A place where they can focus on their friendships and enjoy the environment without the distractions of screens. A place where they can explore and play freely like many of us used to be able to do in our own neighborhoods. Ultimately, a place where they can figure out who they are.

Camp Nebagamon is a safe place.

With a doctor at camp 24/7, a full time RN, two full time nurse assistants, and access to Duluth, Minnesota’s excellent medical system, the physical health of every member of our community is well cared for. Each camper is seen by our medical staff when they arrive at camp, before each wilderness trip, and any time any issue or concern arises. Additionally, our larger staff has been trained in basic first aid, hygiene requirements, and environmental issues particular to Northern Wisconsin.

Furthermore, each summer, our staff participates in a rigorous eight day training program that covers health and safety, teaching skills, child development, group dynamics, homesickness, conflict resolution, and advice on how to just have fun with kids!

Safety First

What Our Camp Parents Say

  • He still makes his bed!  How did you do it!?
    Jennifer, parent from Chicago
  • Charlie has been regaling us with stories, and he has specifically commented, on a number of occasions, "Everyone at camp is so nice." Kudos to you, his counselors, and staff, all of whom made him feel comfortable, capable, and confident even as he was feeling low.  As we'd hoped, Charlie's session at Nebagamon was life-changing for him (and, by extension, for us), and we look forward to sending both boys to you again next summer!
    Jennie, parent from Durham, NC
  • For both of my boys, Camp has helped them grow in self-esteem, they were able to find confidence in opening their minds to a different way of living, with boys from other cultures and surrounded by nature.  They challenged their fears and saw what they were capable to do. This is more then I could ever imagine! I see them growing strong, healthy and with a positive attitude!
    Rosa, parent from Mexico
  • Thank you for preserving a place for boys to learn so much about themselves in a subtle way that is so much fun!
    Julie, parent from St. Louis
  • Like every Nebagamon family, we sorely miss summer time with our child.  Like every Nebagamon family, we consider ourselves so fortunate to have found you.  Like every Nebagamon family, we feel blessed to know your wisdom, compassion, humor and honesty drive you to challenge teens and children to consider their place in the world.
    Charlene and George, parents from Pennsylvania
  • Because of the developmental approach that is overlaid across all the fun things you do at camp, I feel like you and your camp have also helped me raise my son and pass along important values and lessons. You've accepted him, and helped him through so much. I'm so glad he's spent his time with you there.  Thanks for all you've done to help him along his way.
    Jill, parent from Chicago
  • You guys are good at providing a structure to the kids’ experiences at camp, but also leaving open room for those fun unexpected challenges and memorable accomplishments.  Room for self discovery.
    Caroline, parent from Chicago
  • An environment which fosters the journey from boyhood to manhood with a camp culture that focuses on respect, individual choice, skill building and amazing canoeing and hiking trips.  We love Nebagamon.
    Stefanie, parent from San Diego
  • In so many different ways, camp is one of the most special gifts that you can give to your child.
    Julie, parent from Los Angeles
  • Camp Nebagamon is a place where boys can explore a variety of interests and learn not only independence, but interdependence. We liked that it was broad – not focused on one sort of activity or personality type.
    William, parent from Chicago


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