Why 4- or 8-Weeks?

In order to reap all of the benefits of a true camp experience, it takes time. Oftentimes we are asked if we offer one- or two-week options at Nebagamon. We do not. The reality is, we feel like four weeks is barely enough time to achieve the ambitious goals that we have for every camper! It takes time to create a new home at camp and get comfortable in that home, and then a camper needs time to explore that home; that’s when the self-discovery begins.  In truth, if our sessions were shorter, boys might not feel the need to engage themselves fully in the process and in the experience. A full four- or eight-week stay requires campers to truly invest in the experience. This allows them time to adjust to their new situation and still gives them a healthy amount of time remaining to engage deeply in the experience so that they can benefit from all of the growth, connection, and fun that camp has to offer!

We do offer a one-week Family Camp at the end of each summer. For those families who are looking for a more gradual introduction to summer camp, this is a great time for families to introduce their sons to Camp Nebagamon.

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