Our Philosophy

It is our desire to preserve Camp Nebagamon as a refuge. A place where boys can leave behind the stresses and pressures of their regular lives. A place where they can focus on their friendships and enjoy the environment without the distractions of screens. A place where they can explore and play freely like many of us used to be able to do in our own neighborhoods. Ultimately, a place where they can figure out who they are.

Camp Nebagamon provides young men with a fun and healthy adventure in the outdoors. Our individualized program helps each camper establish personal goals, building self-esteem and confidence. We teach leisure lifetime skills, activities a boy can learn and continue to practice far into adult life.  We care not whether a boy is proficient at serving a tennis ball, cooking an omelet, or paddling a canoe. Our goal for every camper is that he enjoys participating, achieves competency, and feels a sense of accomplishment.

At Nebagamon, young men learn the responsibilities and spirit of living in a group. Our campers get the opportunity to live with boys from all walks of life. We believe it is a much more meaningful experience to live with a group of boys with diverse backgrounds than a group that is too much the same. Our campers and staff come from more than 40 communities from throughout the United States as well as around the world. We have boys from different racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. We encourage and nurture the ability to welcome and accept differences in others. Camp is a place where close and lasting friendships are formed.

An appreciation of the environment and natural world is also important at Nebagamon. In-camp programs emphasize respect and knowledge of the environment, and our extensive wilderness tripping program offers campers an opportunity to experience nature in its most pristine form. The trip program also teaches campers about cooperation, responsibility, and trust. Wilderness trips result in physical, social, psychological, and spiritual benefits–the core of what we attempt to accomplish at Nebagamon.