Camp Living

Where will i live?

One of the most memorable parts of the summer for any camper is the time he spends with his cabin group. Eight to ten boys (six to eight in our youngest village) of the same grade live in a cabin, along with two counselors. Senior counselors are college students or recent graduates while junior counselors have either completed high school or are entering their senior year.

Our cabins are white wood-framed buildings that are arranged in clusters of seven by age group to comprise our four “villages.” (See the Map) Most of these cabins have been around since 1900; they are strong and bullt to last.  Inside the cabins are bunk beds and cubbies for campers’ belongings. Every cabin has electricity so that you can plug in a fan or play music.  More than just being a place to sleep or store your things, however, your cabin will become your home.

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Where are the bathrooms?

There is a central washhouse in each village with showers, sinks, and toilets. This is where you will “jop up”  before bedtime, get ready for the day in the morning, or shower after a dip in the lake.


What is the food like at camp?

The food at camp is great!  Every camper has a different favorite meal. (And this is a popular debate!) Breakfast may include such items as french toast, scrambled eggs, or croissants. Lunches are meals like pizza bagels, hamburgers, and sub sandwiches.  On the menu for dinner are items like spaghetti, roast beef, or chicken fajitas. All of our meals in the Rec Hall are eaten family style (like at home).  You eat with your cabin group and all of the food will be brought to your table by whomever is Kitchen Patrol for the day.

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Eating in the Rec Hall….with your best friends in the world….is of course delicious and fun.  But you’ll be surprised at how much fun the announcements are after each meal.  It can be the most fun and raucous time of the day.

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There are some days of the week when we eat outside of the Rec Hall. Every Monday night is Cabin Cookout.  Your cabin is given a box of ingredients and you all get to cook your own meal over an open fire! Cabin Cookout 4On most Friday nights, your village will come together for a Village BBQ, and then enjoy a village evening activity together playing Dodgeball, Pushball, Capture The Flag or some other fun group game.  On Cruiser Days (Wednesdays), lunches are also an outdoor barbeque with your village.

In addition to meals, there is an official G-snack during the afternoon G-swim free period. Furthermore, if you are hungry at any other time of the day, there is always fruit available at the push shack in your village!

How do I decide what projects to go to each day?

If you are asking this question, you know how much choice you get at Camp Nebagamon! Here is how it works. There is a large project board outside of the Rec Hall.  The head of each project will post a sign every morning showing what is happening at that project during each of the four project periods that day.

After breakfast, you will go right outside the Rec Hall, take a look at the project board, and decide what you want to do for the day. Then, when the project bell rings, you’ll go to that project. It’s that simple.

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