Special Days of the Week

Cabin Cookouts

To keep us all on our toes, each week we pepper the regular schedule with some special programs.
Monday nights are Cabin Cookouts.  You and your cabin mates (along with help from your counselors) get to cook your own dinner over an open fire in the woods! Imagine, after four weeks at Nebagamon, you’ll be able to show your parents that you can cook a whole meal! Your cabin is supplied with a wooden box full of ingredients, along with a recipe for such delicacies as enchilada pie or pesto carbonara, and, together, you start and tend a fire, prepare the ingredients, cook your dinner and then….dig in!  You’ll make appetizers, a main entrée, and dessert (banana boats anyone?)  It’s amazing what you can do!

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Cruiser days

Wednesdays are Cruiser Days. Each village hosts an exciting theme day instead of our normal activities, replete with silliness, action, fun and excitement. Some examples of past Cruiser Days are Harry Potter Day, Gold Rush Day, Floating Fire Sculptures, and Country Club Golf Day. After an activity filled day, including a barbeque lunch, our campers take a walk in to Dairy Queen, and then end the day with a movie.

Avenger Day June 23, 2015 0006Logger DQ August 05, 2015 0012


Sunday Service Yale June 28, 2015 0052Sundays are the heart of camp. Instead of projects in the morning, we have a Sunday Service, a short presentation by a staff member about a topic important to him or her.  This is followed by some free time during which a number of informal activities are offered such as a sailing race or an all-camp game of soccer on the Upper Diamond, or you can choose to do your own thing, maybe a game of four-square or a game of tennis with a friend.  In the afternoon there are two project periods followed by our traditional Sunday dinner of PIZZA!

This dinner is always particularly energetic, leading up to our most reflective time of the week, our Council Fire. The Council Fire, written by a different staff member every week, begins with a funny series of skits relaying an important message such as “being yourself,” or “living in the moment.” Afterward is Nebagamon’s most important tradition, the Keylog Ceremony, which provides a time, for those who want to share, to thank someone in our community for a kindness they have done. For most campers and staff, the Council Fire is truly the highlight of the week.

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