A.K. AGIKAMIK The fabled Chief of the YoYo Islands.  He makes an official state visit to Camp Nebagamon annually along with his bodyguards, Ug and Mug.

THE ARROWHEAD Camp’s monthly newsletter (published October – June).

AXEMAN VILLAGE The village that houses our 7th grade campers.

BIG HOUSE Main building which houses the camp office, the tripping program, the photography project, and M.O.C.A.  Also has a living room open to all with photo albums of camp dating back to the 1930s; a great place to quietly play games with friends in the early hours of the morning before the wake up bell.

CANDY LINE Each camper receives a candy bar twice a week upon completion of his letter home…..devious, huh?!!?

CHANGEOVER DAY The day between first and second sessions when eight week campers spend a fun day outside of camp.

C.N.O.C. Our Campcraft/Wilderness Skills Program.  Stands for “Camp Nebagamon Outdoor Center.”

COUNCIL FIRE Important camp-wide assembly every Sunday night.  It’s the heart of camp; you’ll understand as soon as you experience it.

CRUISER DAY A special cabin or village activity day which occurs every Wednesday.  Barbeque lunches, evening movie, and trips to DAIRY QUEEN!!!!!

DAY PUSH The camper in charge of ringing the bell for the day to keep all of camp on time.

DEACON SEAT The bench next to the microphone in the Rec Hall for campers and staff who have announcements to make.

FAMILY CAMP A week when families, alumni, singles, and friends enjoy camp, held after the campers leave in August.

F.B.I. Fabulous Bodies, Inc. Voluntary membership for those who want to stay in shape.  Members get healthy substitutes for desserts and are offered additional exercise opportunities.

FLOATERS Someone in need of a place to sit at a meal.

G-Snack An afternoon snack offered at the waterfront during G-Swim in case you get hungry between lunch and dinner.

General Swim Also known as G-Swim, this is a totally free and unstructured time every afternoon when campers can go swimming, play games, or just relax.

THE GRAND PURSUIT An all-day all-camp event during second session in which campers are divided into four teams and then compete and strategize to win a giant board game.

GRUNDY UNDY The place where laundry is collected and distributed behind Logger 5.

GTC Good Time Charlie – The all-camp talent show.

GUINNESS T. NEBAGAMOUS A day in which campers have the opportunity to test their skills against campers from other eras by engaging in a variety of contests in an attempt to break records from previous years.

HERB’S MUSEUM The Museum of Logging which was named for beloved former caretaker, Herb Hollinger.  It also houses our music program.

THE HILL Usually refers to the Swamper Village and Big House area.

HORSE ‘N’ GOGGLE A random method for determining anything, from who wins an extra dessert to who does an extra job.  Anyone will be glad to show you.

JOP The bathroom and shower house which was named after a former camper from Joplin, Missouri who spent a good bit of his summer in this building!

J.C. Junior Counselor.  Each cabin group is guided by a senior counselor and a junior counselor.

KO-Z KORNER The staff lounge located just outside the camp gate on Waterfront Road.

K.P. Kitchen Patrol.  The person who fetches food and clears the table.  Campers take turns performing this responsibility.  There is also an Assistant K.P. (A.K.P.) who stacks dishes for the K.P. to clear from table and sweeps the floor after the meal.

LITTLE HOUSE Where the Directors, Adam & Stephanie live, just down the hill from the Big House.

LOGGER VILLAGE The village that houses the 5th and 6th grade campers.

LOGS BEHIND LOGGER 1 Well….these are some logs located behind the cabin of Logger 1!!  Many meetings are held here.

LORBER POINT Beautiful peninsula jutting out into Lake Nebagamon which was named for camp’s founders, Muggs and Janet Lorber.

LOWER DIAMOND Playing field near the main tennis courts.

LUMBERJACK VILLAGE The village that houses the 8th and 9th grade campers, located on the waterfront.

M.O.C.A. Masters of the Culinary Arts.  Our most popular project, the cooking project, most likely because of the eating after the cooking!

M.O.D. Man On Duty.  The counselor assigned to village supervision and duties for the day.  There is also an Assistant Man On Duty (A.M.O.D.) to help.

ORIENTEERING Project that teaches map and compass work. Also an Olympic sport.

PAUL BUNYAN DAY An all-day all-camp event during first session in which campers are divided into four teams of Boss Loggers, Foremen and many Bushwhackers competing in athletic and camping skills.

PIONEER POST Headquarters for C.N.O.C.

PUSH The Village Director.  There is one for each of the four villages who guides the counselors and the village activities as a whole.

PUSH SHACK Village Headquarters.

RANGE Where staff families and specialist staff live. Located beyond the Target Shooting Range.

REC HALL Dining hall where most meals are eaten and important announcements are communicated.  Also used for movie nights, and indoor activities when needed.

RINDE BALL Roof Ball.  Named after long-time Push, Andy Rinde.

SHRINE Location of our Sunday Services.

SINGLE STANDARD What’s right for one is right for all.  Camp has one standard of conduct/behavior/rules for ALL.

SKAL We say “Skal” most times instead of clapping.

SWAMPER VILLAGE The village that houses our 3rd and 4th grade campers.  Located on The Hill.

TAPS Bugle call for lights out.

THROCK Fabled 9th grade cabin with an AWESOME paint job!

UPPER DIAMOND Large playing field for softball, soccer, capture the flag and other sports and events.

VILLAGE RETREAT A whole village meeting of campers, staff, and village director.  Traditionally takes place before a Council Fire.

WALDORF CASTORIA Camp’s health center.

WANEGAN The camp store where you can purchase needed items such as a toothbrush, batteries, and stamps.