Staff Dates

For 2024, these dates are still provisional. We will update this page and communicate with staff members when staff dates are final. Thanks for your patience!

May 28th: The Pre-Camp crew begins working with our maintenance staff to put the finishing touches on camp before the rest of the staff arrives.

June 4th: Shakedown – Our trip staff leaves on a pre-camp training trip.

June 9th: Office and Infirmary staff begin work

August 10th – August 17th:  New staff orientation dates

August 11th – August 17th: Returning staff orientation dates

June 18th: Campers arrive!

July 14th – July 15th: Changeover – the period between first and second session when only eight-week campers remain at camp

July 16th: Campers arrive for second session

August 11th: End of the camp season

August 11th – August 19th: Optional additional work during one week of Family Camp