A Look at the 2019 Staff

It’s 2019… Do we know where our staff is?

You Betcha! Back in late 2018, many staff contacted us to say they would like to return. This ensures that we will have veterans in place to lead the charge into another great summer underneath the towering white pines. Many of our key positions have been filled, and cabin counselors and trip staff are coming into the fold.

We are excited to announce that David Sachs and Jake Miller will be sharing our Swamper Village. Alex Gordon will be our Logger Village Director for his 10th year while alumni Andy Rolfe returns back to camp as the Axeman Village Director. Heading up our Lumberjack Village will be Andy Cohen and Noah Stein. Louis Levin will be returning as our Program Director for the summer of 2019. Heading up the waterfront this summer will be Henry Pulitzer and Walter Fromm.

Meals at camp will be awesome again as Anne Rowe returns for her 15thsummer! Also returning to our awesome food staff is Cody Keys, Alex Fuller, Elissa Skaggs, Grace Edwards and Katie Lundeen. Linnea Moss will spend another summer as our town driver. Grant Rosskamm returns as the Director of CNOC. Heather Kennedy returns for her second summer as an Art Specialist and joining her there for her first summer is Audrey Hurt. Heading up Nature Lore is Cindy Rolfe and Spencer Brown will head up tennis for his fourth year. Hugh Broder returns as our Director of Waterskiing. New to the MOCA kitchen is Sophia Gatzionis. Amber Burvall returns for her ninth summer as our nurse and Melissa Moy returns for her second summer as a nurse assistant. Joining Amber and Melissa in our infirmary for her first year is Molly Buring. Elana Scharff and Jaye Hensel both return to the office for another sweet summer. Cathy Fries will be starting her 21st season as the camp housekeeper.

Our senior counselors are as follows: Fergal Spencer, Isaac Murray Stark, Matthew Wilhelm, Josh Levitas, Sam Branstad Phillips, Charlie Fromm, Eli Striker, Jake Lescher, Henry Quinn Pasin, Josh Sheridan, Jakob Braunschweiger, Jake Beren, Tony Bogolub, Ben Huston, Josh Abraham, Zac Pearson, Eli Fromm Max Krupnick, Joey Apter, and Jake Miller. Second year Junior Counselors returning is just as sweet with Andrew Guest, Isaac Weiss, Bryce Endrizzi, Eric Portillo, Matthew Grosman, Joey Rivkin, Alex Buring, Will McCreary, Michael Berler and Zack Lecther. First year junior counselors making the transition from camper to staff are Arthur Brooks Young, Drew Sklar, Nate Susser, Luke Herzog, Charlie Steinbaum, Jack Auer, Coby Keren, Ben Sklar, Jesse Herzog, Ben Dubinsky, Ben Lindy, Micah Franzel, Ari Krupnick, Ari Weiss, Tommy Bellaire, Elliot Heldman, Dylan Fox, Jacob Greene, Jack Rogen, Henry Lokken, Sebastian Klein, Ben Platt, Ben Serwer, Sam Reichert, Ethan Rosenberg, and Camden Blumberg.

Trip staff returners are Jonah Domsky, Kate Bennett, Trent Flegel, Ethan Strull, Ethan Berman, Max Fleischer, Quincy Hirt, Jamey Sharp, and Grayson Nolan. Ron Gaare, Amy Mack and Bill Hensel are all returning as trip drivers and Allen Bennett will be our Quartermaster. Andrew Meyer will be serving as Assistant Trip Director. Lastly, Adam Fornear (that’s me!) will be the Trip Director. So, as you can see, we already have a wickedly sweet staff lined up for the summer. There are also many others that I’m in the process of talking with and will be announced later in the off-season!