Thank You, Donors

The Camp Nebagamon Charities website is dedicated to both the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund (CNSF) and Camperships For Nebagamon (CFN). Learn about different donation options, read about each charity, and more.

Nebagamon’s alumni community has stepped up support for our affiliated charities in recent years in meaningful ways. In addition to generous direct support for both Camperships for Nebagamon and the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund, alumni have increasingly encouraged donations to one or both funds as memorials and to honor happy occasions.

Camp Nebagamon Charities also instituted a virtual keylog program, a means of giving while thanking someone special (you can donate and fill out a message here). Contributions are split evenly between Nebagamon’s two affiliated charities. You will receive two separate emails confirming your contribution to each fund. If you’d like to give a unique donation to CFN or CNSF of if you’d like to give a gift in honor or memory of someone, please use the CFN-specific and CNSF-specific donation pages.

In addition, alumni and others can donate to the Camp Nebagamon Foundation, the non-profit organization created to ensure that Nebagamon will thrive and survive through another century.

Below you’ll find a list of generous donors and further information about all three of these worthy causes:

CNSF helps hundreds of children and teens who experience poverty and disability attend non-profit summer camps that specialize in meeting their needs. Recipient camps (located near communities where Nebagamon campers live) offer expert therapeutic and adaptive recreation and a nurturing environment for kids who have been exposed to adversity and trauma. Children are among peers and role models for success at these camps as they enjoy friendship, adventure and personal growth — opening new possibilities for a more positive future.

CNSF was founded in 1947 by Muggs and Janet Lorber, Nebagamon’s founding directors, and administered for 50+ years by Nebagamon’s former directors, Nardie and Sally Lorber Stein. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to learn more!

The following individuals, foundations, and corporations supported CNSF from November 1, 2022, through April 30, 2023:

Jerry Abeles (Kahn-Abeles Foundation)

Kathy and Rick Abeles

Debbie and John Abrams

Cecelia and Mickey Abramson

Chuck and Ruth Adler

Jeffrey and Kelly Alderman

Mary Allen

Hayley and Max Alpert

Pam and Tom Arenberg

Steve Arenberg

Susan Arenberg

Art Auer

Deb and Joe Badt

Andrew and Elizabeth Baer

Nancy and Richard Baer

Kathy and Stuart Barnett

Bob and Linda Barrows

Charlie Barrows

Brian Bauer

Jim and June Baumoel

Robby and Sage Bearman

Lynn and Robert Behrendt

Robert Behrendt and Amanda Tyler

Rick Bendix, Jr.

Peter and Sarah Beren

Rita Bernstein

Bob Best and Linda Tate

Ric Best

Kit Blach Roth

Peter and Randy Bloch

Lisa and Paul Blumberg

Jim Blumenfeld and Chris Cooney

Ronald Borod

Carolyn and Rodney Borwick

Elizabeth and John Breyer Jr.

Hugh Broder

Dale Brodsky

Marty Brodsky

Troika Brodsky and Elizabeth Potter

Michael Brody (Memorials)

Barbara and Jim Bronner

Jeff Burnstine

Jeffrey and Susan Callen

Mary Cantrell

Arlene Caplan

Mark Caro and Mary Dixon

Larry Cartwright (Memorials)

Marcia and Mark Cherniack

Ellen and Scott Chukerman

Liz Cochran

Andy Cohen

Andy (Andrew Joseph) Cohen

Carol Bayersdorfer Cohen and Ed Cohen

Carrie and Steve Cohen

Evelyn and Louis Cohen

Mitch Cohen and Stephanie Tomasky

Harriet Bronstein and Tom Cohen

Cal and Helen Cohn

Bonnie and Mike Cole

Jeff Colman and Ellen Nissenbaum

Jon and Suzi Colman

Jim and Suzy Cornbleet

Matthew Cost

Connie and Darryl Couts

Carla and David Crane

Charles Dan

Richard Darnell

Jennifer Daskal

Katharyn and Leila Davis

Kristen Davis

Becky and Raven Deerwater

Michelle and Stan DeGroote

Michael Deutsch

Jessie and Scott Diamond

Alicia Dowd

David Dreifus and Jennifer Sosensky

Jed Dreifus

Luise Drolson

Bill Dubinsky and Elizabeth Moss

Ellen and Henry Dubinsky

Timothy Dykstal

E.B. Hirsh Childhood Center

Amy Epstein

Joanne Epstein Faucett

Peter Fechheimer and Jeannette McNeil

Kelli Cohen Fein and Martin Fein

Jim Feldman and Christine Taylor

Ben Finan

Paul and Teresa Finer

Jon Fisher

Kimberly Fisher

Mary and Richard Fisher

Amarinder Bindra and Amy Foxman

Judy and Ron Foxman

Michael and Molly Frank

Janet Freed

Bill and Laura Freeman

Andrew and Jennifer Friedman

Bill Friedman and Marissa Jones

Jodi and Matt Friedman

Greg and Osnat Gafni-Pappas

Betsy and Spencer Garland

Ken and Rebecca Gart

Stephen Gault

Elaine Gernstein

Aliza and Jim Gerstein

Melody Gilbert

Ricky Gitt

Bob and Susan Glasspiegel

Karla Bright and Ryan Glasspiegel

Brian Goldberg

Stuart Goldberg

Bill and Susan Goldenberg

Chad and Debbie Goldenberg

Jeff Goldenberg

Elaine and Mike Goldman

Thomas Goldman

Joanie and Mark Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein

Alex and Julie Gordon

Mike and Sara Gordon

Charles and Karen Goss

Jerrold and Martha Graber

Janice Anderson and Tom Gram

Jim and Martha Gray

David and Sonya Greegor

Alex and Lyhn Green

Roger Greenbaum

Doug Greene Family

Elizabeth Goldberg and Scott Greenwald

Sid and Susan Greenwald

Evalyn and Phil Grossman

Jim Guest and Liz Lewis

Debbie and Paul Guggenheim

Bill and Cheryl Guthman

Bobbie and Mark Gutman

Alan and Julie Halpern

Howard and Wendy Handler

Jon and Judith Harris

John Hart

Paula Hassinger

Hearst Corporation (Matching Gift)

Bruce and Liz Heideman

Sara Feinstein and Larry Held

Oliver Held

Scott Lever and Shelley Hendler

Jaime Hensel

Edward and Kathy Hershfield

Amy and Brad Herzog

Amy and Brian Herzog

Bud and Hazel Herzog

Cathy and Rick Hirschmann

Dana, Oliver and Quincy Hirt

Jennifer Hodges

Suzanne Hoffman

Matthew Huber

David, Sheri and Bennett Jacobs

Ted Jadwin

Craig and Shari Jankowsky

Jan Jankowsky

Susan Joseph

Anne and Fred Joseph III

Ed Juda

Steve Elwell and Kate Judge

Bob and Fiona Kahn

Caryn and Harlan Kahn

Diane and John Kalishman

Ken Kanter

Steph Hanson and Adam Kaplan

Laura Dembo and Andy Kaplan

Nathalie Feldman and Andy Kaplan

Cheryl Bondy Kaplan and Mark Kaplan

Benjamin Katz

Buz Katz

Euan and Jane Kerr

Anna Hess and Malcolm Kerr

Benjamin Kersten

Chloe and Jake Kessler

Wendy Bloom and Arthur Kessler

Jonathan and Laurie Kigner

Stephen and Yael Klein

Barbara Kohm

Jay Kolbrener

Tom Kolbrener

Bud Kolbrener II

Daniel and Sheena Kopman

Lauri and Ron Koretz

Rick and Stephanie Koretz

Alan Korn and Claudia Simons

Kerry Kornfeld and Andrea Wilson, M.D.

Stu Kornfeld

Andrea and Brian Kramer

Danielle Brinker and John Kramer

Janet Koestring and John Kupper

Andrea L’Tainen and Joshua Rabinowitz

Emily and Michael Laskin

Joe Laskin

Rose Lenehan

Bob and Cissy Lenobel

Louis Levin and Maggie O’Hara

Jeff Levinson

Lia Grigg and Dan Levis

Sam Levis

Linda Lewis

Hoagie Lippman

Carl Littmann

Maggie Beal and Jeff Loeb

Steve Loeb

M.J. Lowe

Richard Lowenthal

Andy Mack

Ken and Laura Mack

Maggie Madden

Reed Maidenberg

Jorie and Robby Malk

Andrew and Jill Marcus

Fred and Joyce Marcus

Dru Margolin

Nancy Brown, M.D. and Andrew May

Tara McHugh and Alyssa O’Gallagher

Jean and Stan Meadows

Medtronics (Matching Gift)

Jeff and Mary Kate Mellow

Joe Mendels

Daniel Mendelsohn

Rose Mendelsohn

Julia Gittleman, Ph.D. and Tom Mendelsohn

David and Deborah Mendelson

Misa Galazzi and David Michel

John and Pauline Miller

Malcolm and Paula Milsten

Greg Minisman

John and Sally Mitani

Erika and John Montag

Spence Myer

Jamie and Leah Myers

Kristin Ahlberg and Phil Myers

Phyllis Narveson

Douglas and Margaret Nathan

Bill Nefsky

Bob and Mary Nefsky

Andrine and Roger Nelson

Network for Good

Rick Cohn and Ben Neuman

Buzz Neusteter and Judi Perrill

Brule & Thad Kurowski and Katy Neusteter

Lee Anne Hartley and Tom Nevers

Neal O’Koon

Robert Oppenheimer

Ethan Orchard

PepsiCo Foundation (Matching Gifts)

Greg Perlstein

Betty and Tom Philipsborn

Deborah Snyder and Jim Platt

Mike Polisner

Daniel Quiat and Lauren Starr

Laurin and Mindy Quiat

David and Kim Reich

Frank and Joan Revson

Bill and Karen Riley

Janice and Jimmy Ringel

Jonathan Ringel and Deborah Weisshaar, M.D.

Jay and Jennifer Riven

Hana Ruzicka Rivkin and Steven Rivkin

Larry and Michele Rivkin

Tom and Viki Rivkin

Don Robertson

Janet and Lee Rodgers

Cindy and Jon Rogen

Alyne and Jim Rolfe

Andy and Cynthia Rolfe

Anthony and Marya Rose

Jim and Sherri Rosen

Alisa and Jacob Rosenberg

Carol and Roger Rosenthal

Sheri Roth

Noah Saag

Emily Sachar

Chris and Frank Sachs (Matching Gift)

Gail Ifshin and Steven Salky

Mike Samuels Estate

James and Tiffany Scharff

Jon and Sue Scharff

Laury and Lewis Scharff

Madeline Scharff

Darcy and Ron Scharff III

Karen Schiff

Lisa Schiffman

Lee and Martha Schimberg

Bennett and Shelley Schmidt

Fred and Pat Schonwald, Jr.

Bud and Peggy Schram

Lynn and Max Schrayer

Carol and Jeff Schulman

Susan Schwartz

Monique and Robert Schweich

Lee and Mark Scissors

Jason Shacter

Joe and Sara Shacter

Jodi and Tom Shapira

Susan Sharfman

Carrie and Steve Siegel

Jackie Mack and Ted Silberstein

Bob and Natalie Silverman

Gary and Mindy Sircus

Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus

Linda and Ron Sklar

Bob and Sue Smith

Michael Sobel

Geula and Josh Solomon

Patti Spigel

Frank and Mindy Star

Nardie Stein (Memorials)

Perrin and Ted Stein

Sally Stein

Corky and Rick Steiner Family Foundation

Mary Elizabeth Calhoon Stern and David Stern

Jim Stewart and Amanda Whalen

Carla and Stan Strauss

F. Michael Streitz

Bob Striker

Bill Katz and Jan Swenson

Alan and Jo Anne Travis

Donald Ullmann

Julia Wahoff

Tonya Wallach

Judy and Roger Wallenstein

Esther Starrels and John Wasserman

Harriet and Paul Weinberg

Michael Weinberg II

Michael Widerschein

Hank Wineman

Adam and Deborah Winick

Joanne Hirschhorn Wolf (Memorials)

Evelyn Thoreau and Lee Wurtzburger

Emily and Jason Yale

Brad Young

David Zalk

Cory Zigler

Jill Zipkin

John Zuraw

Camperships for Nebagamon (CFN) was established in 1995 to enable children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to have a camping experience. Over the years, the CFN endowment fund has provided camperships for boys to attend Nebagamon and girls to attend Camp WeHaKee. Campers receiving camperships help to diversify their camp communities by virtue of their racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic status. In addition, CFN continues the tradition of support to sons and grandsons of Nebagamon alumni who demonstrate financial need.

Over the past decade, more than 500 Camperships have been given out to more than 250 boys and girls attending Nebagamon and WeHaKee. Over $2 million has gone to support the cost of tuition and related expenses for these boys and girls.

The following individuals, foundations and corporations supported CFN from November 1, 2022, through April 30, 2023:

Kathy and Rick Abeles

Cecelia and Mickey Abramson

Carol and David Adelson

Amazon Smile Foundation (Matching Gifts)

Pam and Tom Arenberg

Andy and Lisa Aronson

Art Auer

Cynthia Auer

Andrew and Elizabeth Baer

Nancy and Richard Baer

David and Karen Balser

Drew and Jenna Barnett

Kathy and Stuart Barnett

Charlie Barrows

Jim and June Baumoel

Herb Behrstock

Rick Bendix, Jr.

Bert and Joan Berkley

Howard and Rhoda Bernstein

Simon and Susan Blattner

Jim Blumenfeld and Chris Cooney

Fred Braht Family

Adam and Julie Braude

Elizabeth and John Breyer Jr.

Hugh Broder

Dale Brodsky

Jean and Mark Burnstine

Jeff Burnstine

JoAnne Cain

Mark Caro and Mary Dixon 

Larry Cartwright (Memorials)

Alfred Cohen

Carol Bayersdorfer Cohen and Ed Cohen

Ellie Cohen

Leslie and Michael Cohen

Lisa and Sherman Cohen

Pat and Richard Cohn Family Foundation

Bonnie and Mike Cole

Kevin Cole

Michael Coletta

Jeff Colman and Ellen Nissenbaum

Jessica Colman

Jon and Suzi Colman

Connie and Darryl Couts

Jane Davis

Becky and Raven Deerwater

Julie Deutsch

Ian Diamond

Jessie and Scott Diamond

Steve and Deborah Pollack Domsky

David Dreifus and Jennifer Sosensky

Bill Dubinsky and Elizabeth Moss

Deborah and Joe Eppstein

Peter Fechheimer and Jeannette McNeil

Jim Feldman and Christine Taylor

Dan and Julie Frank

Roxanne Frank

Dan Freund 

Bill Friedman and Marissa Jones

Jodi and Matt Friedman

Lisa and Steve Friedman

Greg and Osnat Gafni-Pappas

Betsy and Spencer Garland

Scott Genshaft

Laurie Bruder and Tom Gerson

Ricky Gitt

Bob and Susan Glasspiegel

Bill and Susan Goldenberg

Chad and Debbie Goldenberg

Frederick Goldsmith

The Mildred B. and Malcolm Goldsmith Fund

Jonathan Goldstein

GOOGLE, Inc. (Matching Gift)

Jim and Martha Gray

Brennan Greene

Doug Greene Family Foundation

Elizabeth Goldberg and Scott Greenwald

Debbie and Paul Guggenheim

Bill and Cheryl Guthman

John Hart

Paula Hassinger

Hearst Corporation (Matching Gift)

Louis Helman

Jaime Hensel

Carol and Richard Hillsberg

Joe and Marilyn Hirschhorn

Ellyn and Matt Hoffman

Anne Ledell-Hong and Nhat Hong

Derek Iger

Amy and Craig Jacobs

Craig and Shari Jankowsky

Kathy and Mike Jay

Lisa Jenkins

Anne and Fred Joseph III

Ed Juda

Caryn and Harlan Kahn

Cheryl Bondy Kaplan and Mark Kaplan

Marjorie and Robert Kaplan

Carol Kaplan-Lyss

Benjamin Katz

Euan and Jane Kerr

Anna Hess and Malcolm Kerr

Sid Goldstein and Laura Kipnis

Bob Kolbrener

Bud Kolbrener II

Rick and Stephanie Koretz

Kerry Kornfeld and Andrea Wilson

Andrea and Brian Kramer

Danielle Brinker and John Kramer

Simon Lazarus

Rose Lenehan

Bob and Cissy Lenobel

Jeff and Suzanne Levi

Jill and John Levi

Jeff Levinson

Lia Grigg and Dan Levis

Hoagie Lippman

Henry Docter and Elizabeth Loeb

Andy Mack

Ken and Laura Mack

Julie and Steve Mathes

Robert Matz and Peggy Warner

Lincoln Mayer

McKinsey & Company (Matching Gift)

Don and Marji Mendelsohn 

Lauren Martini and Matthew Mendelsohn

Julia Gittleman, Ph.D. and Tom Mendelsohn

Audrey and Danny Meyer

Bo and Lois Meyer

Nancy Meyer and Marc Weiss

Greg Minisman

Zach Mollengarden

Kathe and Jim Myer

Fred and Janet Nachman

Bill Nefsky

Bob and Mary Nefsky

Gail and Sean O’Connor

Robert Oppenheimer

Kaine Osburn and Jenny Rosene

Maury Pasternack, Jr.

PepsiCo Foundation (Matching Gift) 

Jim Platt and Deborah Snyder

Joel and Renee Posener, M.D.

Judy and Paul Putzel

Daniel Quiat and Lauren Starr

Nancy Reamy

Jay and Jennifer Riven

Julie Robinowitz Family

Cindy and Jon Rogen

Judy Rolfe

Jim and Sherri Rosen

Joseph Rosenbloom III

Carol and Roger Rosenthal

Stephen Sachs

Gail Ifshin and Steven Salky

Erin and Seth Salomon

Michael Samuels Estate

Ruth Sang

Kit and Ray Sawyer

Laury and Lewis Scharff

Sue Ann Schiff

Marily and Spike Schonthal, Jr

Bud and Peggy Schram

Lynn and Max Schrayer

Carol and Jeff Schulman

Andrew and Debbie Schwartz

Monique and Robert Schweich

Joanne Grossman and John Seesel

Joe and Sara Shacter

Bob and Natalie Silverman

Kevin Silverman

Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus

Linda and Ron Sklar

Bill and Judy Sloan

Eric and Lucy Slosser

Nardie Stein (Memorials)

Perrin and Ted Stein

Elise and Richard Steinbaum

Laurel Southworth and Andrew Susser

Jim and Merryl Tisch

Debra and Jeff Trachtenberg

Esther Starrels and John Wasserman

David and Michelle Weber

Harriet and Paul Weinberg

Michael Weinberg II

Nancy Werthan

Adam and Deborah Winick

Jim and Nicki Woldenberg

Stephen Woldenberg

Joanne Wolf (Memorials)

Trip Wolf

Evelyn Thoreau and Lee Wurtzburger

Emily and Jason Yale

Carol and Michael Yunker

Cory Zigler

The Camp Nebagamon Foundation’s non-profit model removes many of the risks of the traditional private-ownership model and allows Nebagamon leadership to focus solely on creating the best summer experience possible for our campers. To achieve this, we have launched Keeping the Fires Burning, a campaign that invites the Camp Family to come together to secure Camp Nebagamon’s future. Our financial goal is to raise $10 million for the tax-exempt non-profit Camp Nebagamon Foundation, an amount that will allow us to complete the purchase and hold reserves to ensure the long-term financial health of Camp, so that future generations will enjoy “the memories of you that will live all year through.”

Whether you spent last summer on Lake Nebagamon, occasionally read the Arrowhead and attend reunions, or haven’t set foot at Camp since your last four-square game, Camp Nebagamon has molded your life and now you have a chance to ensure it is ready to receive the next generation of Swampers. You can explore different ways to contribute here.

The following people and organizations have contributed to the Camp Nebagamon Foundation through April 2023:

Keith Abeles

David Abrams

Charles & Ruth Adler (In honor of Charles F. Adler, Sr)

Phillip Myers and Kristin Ahlberg

Kareem Al-Bassam

Hayley & Max Alpert

Paula & Jeremy Alexander

American Jewish Committee Cincinnati (In memory of Joanne Wolf)

Susan & Steven Arenberg (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Thomas Arenberg (in memory of Nardie Stein)

Gayle Arlen and Corey Zimmerman

Richard & Shirley Armstrong

Lissa & Joe Arnstein

Aschaffenburg Foundation

Joe M. Badt, Jr.

Mike & Linda Baker

Sam Baldwin

John Bank

Ben & Laura Barnett

Donna Barrows, Sam & Holly Barrows, Charlie Barrows, and Ted Barrows

Robert & Linda Barrows, Stephen & Mia Barrows, and Geoffrey Barrows and Hélène Ollivier

Lynn and Bob Barth (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Carl Baum

The Bearman Family

Robert Behrendt

Herbert Behrstock

The Bellaire Family

Craig Bender

Joel Bender

Allen Bennett (in honor of the birth of Ethan Tucker Elson-Backels)

Matt Berler

Ric Best

The Bezark Family

Deborah Binder, Gaetan and Jai Veilleux (In memory of Nardie Stein)

The Blair Family – Allen “Yogi”, Arnold “Tex”, Brian, Peter, Kevin, and Fletcher

Brian Blair

Susan & Simon Blattner

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Bloch

Lorena and Adam Blonsky (In honor of Michael Blonsky)

Adam Bloom

The Bloom Family

Sue & Tony Blumberg

Alan, Christine, Justin and Camden Blumberg (In memory of David Blumberg)

Chris Blumenfeld (Olson)

Jeff & Lori Blumenthal, Max Blumenthal, and Jack Blumenthal

Bomba Family Charitable Fund

Mimi and Boppie (In Honor of Adam Eberhard)

John & Elizabeth Breyer

Richard and Lisa Broder Philanthropic Fund

Matthew Brody

Ken and Ann Brown

Kenneth Brown

Alexander Buring

Charles Cahn

Dan Chait & Megan Cunningham

Robert Chukerman Family

Scott Chukerman

Barbara B Cohen

Jeffrey Cohen

Lori Cohen

Carol Bayersdorfer Cohen and Ed Cohen

Tom Collinger

Jon & Suzi Colman

Jessica Colman (In honor of Jon & Suzi Colman)

Condrell family

Kay and Mike Cosgrove

Mike Cosgrove

Connie and Darryl Couts (In Memory of Larry Cartwright and Nardie Stein)

Stuart Cowles

David Crane

Hank Crane

The Dattel Family

Raven & Becky Deerwater

Stan DeGroote

Marilyn Diamond (In honor of Nardie Stein)

Elizabeth Dodge

Ben Donchin

Jonathan Dreifus

Jeffrey Dreyer

Dubinsky Family

Ruth Dunn

The Eberhard Family

Chuck Eckert

Robert & Jodi Eisen

Stephen Ehrlich (In honor of Muggs Lorber)

Robert Elisberg

Andrew & Dana Ellbogen

Michael Faber

Jeremy Feiwell (In honor of Robert Feiwell)

Daniel Feldman

Charlie Felsenthal

Juli-Ann & Jonty Felsher (In memory of Nardie Stein)

Thomas G. Fiffer Charitable Giving Fund

Mark Fischgrund

Joseph Fisher

Scott & Sara Fisher

Eliana & Max Fleischer

Gary Follman

The Nan & Steve Fox Fund

Amarinder Bindra and Amy Foxman

Brad, Jeana, Ari, and Adele Foxman

Adam Frapart

Bill and Laura Freeman (In honor of the marriage of Michael Freeman to Dr. Negin Dahya)

Julie Friedman

Rocky Fried

William Friedman

Sam and Jane Friedman

Sam Friedman (In memory of Jane Friedman)

William & Marissa Friedman

Andrew Fromm (In honor of Elijah, Walter & Charlie Fromm)

Sophia & Elijah Fromm

Greg and Osnat Gafni-Pappas

The Galiks

Betsy & Spencer Garland

Scott Genshaft

Ben Gerber

Jim & Aliza Gerstein

Glenn Gerstell

Kate & John Gilligan

Dan & Mark Gingiss

The Gladstone Family (For Joanne Hirschhorn)

Bill & Sandy Glassman

Lindsay and Michael Goldberg Charitable Fund

Michael Goldman (In Honor of Nardie Stein)

Jordan Goodman

Lisa Goodman (in honor of Jack Goodman)

Andrew and Karyn Gordon (in honor of Nardie Stein)

Jerrold Graber

Martin Gradman

Jim and Martha Gray (In memory of Nardie Stein)

Jesse Gray and Family

Alison Greenberg (IMO Allan Sher)

Hunt, Doug, Chris, Brennan and David Greene; and Jane Piccard

Keith Greenwald

Paul Guggenheim (In memory of Nardie Stein)

John Harris

Lucy Harris (In memory of William Harris Gold)

Elizabeth Haspiel

Lois Jane Heller (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Louis Helman

Mike Heldman

Shirley & Barnett Helzberg Jr. Donor Advisory Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Jaye & Bill Hensel

Tom & Janie Herman

Barbara Ann Herz

Karen and Bob Herz Family Fund

Bud & Hazel Herzog and Family

Jeffrey and Andrea Rich Hesser

The Hirschhorn Family

Maurice Hirsch and Marian Hirsch (In Honor of Nardie Stein)

Robert & Lynda Hirsch (In memory of Bernard “Nardie” Stein)

Dana Hirt

The Rodgers and Hoffman Families (in honor of Buddy Rodgers)

Mitchell Hoffman

The Hooper Family (In honor of Matt Hooper)

Hal Hudson (In memory of Nardie Stein)

Mark M and Cathy Kaufman Iger

The Isaacs Family

Craig Jacobs

Sheri, David, and Bennet Jacobs

James Jampel & Sandra Marwill

John & Sandra Johnson (In Memory of Jack Fair)

The Jørgensen Family

Fred & Anne Joseph

Michael & Sasha Kahn

The Kalishman Family

John Kander

Kanter Family

K A Kanter (In memory of My parents Lois and Julian Kanter and maternal grandparents, Michael and Leila Weinberg. Especially at this year, Nardie Stein.)

Michael and Elizabeth Kaplan

Nancy Kassel

Benjamin Katz

Leo Kayser III

Nicolas Kemper

Richard Kerber

Jane and Euan Kerr

Benjamin Kersten

Eric & Sharapat Kessler

Art Kessler

Dennis & Barbara Kessler

Victor Kessler

Carol Kiersky (in memory of Harry Glasspiegel)

Anderson Kill P.C. (in memory of Bernard Stein)

Micki Klearman

Klein Family Foundation – Yaeil & Steve Klein

Jeffrey Kobacker

Thomas Kolbrener

Jim “JK” Koretz and Elissa Polan

Ron Koretz

Rick & Stephanie Koretz

Cynthia & Eric Korman

Kerry Kornfeld and Andrea Wilson

H Joshua Kotin

Jeremy Kotin

John Kupper (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Andrea L’Tainen (In honor of Allan Sher)

Robert Lapin (In memory of Nardie Stein)

The Lawrence and Reich Family

Dan Laytin and Jennifer Nelson

Bob & Cissy Lenobel

Jeffery Levi

Jon R Levinson

Alan J. Levi

Josh Levy

Steven & Jayne Lewin

Kenneth A. Lewis

Ellen & Ed Lieberman

Ronni Lodato (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Ed Loeb

Elizabeth L Loeb

Jeff Loeb

Thomas Loeb

Carolyn Losos (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Ming Lowe

Susan Lucas (in honor of Sam Lucas)

Robert and Ralinda Lurie

Sam and Susie Luten Family Fund

Sam and Susie Luten Family Fund (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Liz and Zach Lutsky

Kenneth Mack

Joe Maidenberg

Reed Maidenberg

Michael Maidenberg (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Jorie Malk

Jill Kiersky Marcus, Andrew and Josh Marcus

Jason Marczak

Andrew Margolin

Andy May and Nancy Brown

Jack May

The Meadows Family

Mary Kate & Jeff Mellow

Sam Mellow

Marji and Don Mendelsohn

James Mendelsohn (In honor of Ruth Lorber Rosen and Muggs & Janet Lorber)

Michael Mendelsohn (In honor of Ruth Lorber Rosen and Muggs & Janet Lorber)

Nancy Mendelsohn and Jay Horvath (In honor of Ruth Lorber Rosen and Muggs & Janet Lorber)

Tom Mendelsohn and Julia Gittleman (In honor of Ruth Lorber Rosen and Muggs & Janet Lorber)

Gil Mendelson

Danny & Audrey Meyer

David Michel (In memory of Nardie Stein)

Dr. Richard Milsten and Mrs. Nancy Milsten

Jeffrey G. Mora

Betsy Murray & Russ Stark

The Muzik Family (In memory of Nardie Stein)

Zachary Muzik

James & Kathleen Myer

Frederick Nachman and Janet N. Nachman Family Fund

Nancy Nathan (In honor of Emil Nathan III)

Bob & Mary Nefsky

Alex Neil and Family

Jeff Neuman

Buzz Neusteter, Katy Neusteter and Thad Kurowski

Edison and Newman and Solomon Families

Chi Nguyen

Cathy O’Dell (friend of Jane Stein Kerr) (in honor of Nardie Stein)

Robert Oppenheimer

David Palmer

Sandy Passer

Bianca Pasternack (In honor of Nardie Stein)

David and Amy Patent

Betty and Thomas Philipsborn

Alfredo & Monica Phillips

Nana Hope Phillips

Alfredo Phillips & Sons

Leslie Phillips (In honor of Andrew Condrell)

James Platt

Charles Portis (In loving memory of Jack Polsky & Nardie Stein)

Joel A Posener MD

Joel & Renee Posener

Sue and Ben Post and Family (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Drs. Michael Privitera and Marcia Kaplan

Judy & Paul Putzel

Daniel Quiat

The Reichert Family

David & Kathie Rigby (In Memory of our son Jacob)

Michele and Larry Rivkin Charitable Fund

Pat and Jerry Robertson (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Andy & Cindy Rolfe

The Rorsted Family

Doug & Michelle Rose

Marya & Anthony Rose

Mark S Rosenberg

Kathy & Skip Rosenblatt

Ellen & Philip Rosenbloom

John and Frances Rosenheim

Bill Rosenthal and Carol Murphy

Robert and Cynthia Rothbaum

Edgar Rothschild

Joel Rubenstein (In honor of Nardie Stein)

Robbie and Brittany Rudich

Joan Russell

Patricia C Russell

Frank Sachs

Frank & Chris Sachs

David Sachs

Stephen Sachs (In memory of E.J. Hahn)

Kari Sachs (In honor of Q’s Corner)

Dan and Dawn Saltzstein

Dan and Dawn Saltzstein (In honor of Edward and John Saltzstein)

In honor of Ed Saltzstein

Arizona Saltzsteins

Joy Sandweiss and Family

Andy and Betsy Saslawsky Family Foundation

Jon & Suzanne Scharff

Adler Schermer Foundation

Marc Schieber

Elliot & Sara Schiffer

Bruce Schimberg

Bennett Schmidt

Fred & Pat Schonwald

Pat & Fred Schonwald, Jr. Gift Fund

Jay Schulman

The Schulmans (Jeff, Jim, Andrew, Carol) (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Adam Schwartz

Andrew and Deborah Schwartz Charitable Fund

Robert J. Schweich Fund

Hank & Esther Schweich (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Bob and Monique, Susie and Ralph (Robert Schweich Fund) (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Charles A Seigel III (In honor of The Seigel Family)

Arlene Semel (In honor of Mitch Semel)

Mitchell Semel

Mitch, Drew and David Semel (in honor of Nardie Stein)

David and Heidi Serwer

Joe Shacter

The Sher Family

Maya, Christina, Noah, and Alissa Shoukri (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Eric, Rhonda, Stuart, Philip and Nathan Siegel Family

Robert Silverman (In memory of Nardie Stein)

Gary Silversmith

Dana & Seth Singerman

Mindy & Gary Sircus (In honor of Joel Sircus’ big how birthday)

Brad Sklar

Ron & Linda Ellen Sklar

Janet Slate (In honor of Sam Allen)

William Sloan (in celebration of Gabriel Sloan-Garcia)

Ellen and Richard Slosburg Family Foundation

Jeffrey Bob Smith

Josh Smith and Lael Culiner

Rick Smith

Michael Sobel

Joshua & Geula Solomon

Rodney Solomon

Charlie and Jeanne Sosland

Oscar Soule

Anne and Jon Spear Charitable Fund

Don Spero and Nancy Chasen

Alex Spiegel (in memory of Nardie Stein)

Steven Spiegel

Jon Star

Norton Starr

Nardie, Sally, Jane, Jessie, and Ted Stein

Noah Stein

Irving Stenn, Jr. 

Ann & Will Stern

David Stern

Gregory Stewart

John & Merrie Stillpass (In memory of Joanne H. Wolf)

Joe Stokely

Nancy & Barney Straus

Stanton Strauss

Striker Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

The Strull Family

Billy Susman

Stephen Tanenbaum

Emma Templeton

The Thackers

Throck 1971

Tom Tisch

Jeff Trenton

Niels Trolle

William Tucker (In honor of Sally Elson)

Bill & Nikki Wallenstein

Roger & Judy Wallenstein

Alex Wang and Zachary Zhang

Esther Starrels and John Wasserman

Paul & Harriet Weinberg

MIke Weinberg (In memory of Nardie Stein)

Michael Weinberg (in honor of Bernard “Nardie Stein)

Cathy & Craig Weiss and Family

Isaac Weiss-Meyer (In honor of Judy & Allan Sher)

Hank Wineman

Debbie & Adam Winick

Mark & Laura Wittcoff

Jim & Nicki Woldenberg Family

Jason Yale & Emily Jodock Yale

David Zalk (In memory of Charles Zalk)

Cody Zalk and Family

Lon Zimmerman (In Memory of Nardie Stein)

Anonymous (In honor of James M. Kraft)

Anonymous (In memory of Nardie Stein)

Anonymous (in honor of Bernard Stein)