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Edgar Rothschild (Nashville, 62-66) just finished a bike tour of Sicily, covering a total of 450 miles… Rand Shapiro (St. Louis 65-69, 71-75, 08-11, 13-15) is a homebound teacher in St. Louis, educating students who cannot attend school in person… Jennifer Daskal (Paradise Valley AZ/Washington D.C. 91-92, 96, 99), a globally recognized expert in cyber policy and national security and faculty director of the American University Washington College of Law Tech, Law and Security Program, was named Deputy General Counsel (Cyber and Technology) at the Department of Homeland Security last February. She previously served as senior counsel for Human Rights Watch and in the Department of Justice during the Obama administration… After 25 years as a staff member (19 as Associate Director), having served as a cabin counselor, Program Director, Wilderness Tripping Director, staff recruiter, and all-around welcome presence at Camp Nebagamon, Adam Fornear (Duluth 92-97, 01, 04-22) has started a new career with the Duluth Parks and Recreation Department.

Adam Fornear

Ben Edmunds (Birmingham MI/Portland OR 93-97, 99-04, 07-08) is the co-founder, co-owner and brewmaster at Breakside Brewery in Portland, Oregon, where he oversees the company’s production brewery and two pub breweries… Jonathan May (Memphis 94-98, 00-06) recently completed a half-Ironman triathlon… Brian Bauer (Nashville 98-00, 02-03) and his company Bauer Entertainment were nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by the Nashville Business Journal… Ben Deutsch (Atlanta 02-07, 09) married Sophie Koff from Scarsdale, NY… Brothers Spence Myer (St. Louis 02-07, 09-12, 14) and Jackson Meyer (St. Louis 04-09, 14) were both inducted into the MICDS Hall of Fame as hockey players.  Brian Mounce (Scottsdale, AZ/Memphis 04-08, 10) teaches history and politics at Christian Brothers University in Memphis…

Andy Cohen gives a Sunday Service in 2019

Andy Cohen (St. Louis 04-10, 12-21) is Sales Manager for the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis… Jeffrey Burnstein (Glencoe/Atlanta 05-10, 12-14) is working in commercial real estate with the Bridge Investment Group… Michael Deutsch (Atlanta 06-11, 13-14, 16-18) is a Data Analyst with Ernst and Young. Ben Montag (Atlanta 12-18) is studying sports management and playing baseball for the Rice Owls… Four years ago, Jamie Lau (London 10-12, 14) and his partner Adam adopted two boys, who are now seven and eight years old. Jamie is a personal trainer in London, having built a studio gym in his back garden… Gus Peters (Raleigh, NC 10-15, 17) graduated as a Second Lieutenant with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO… Sam Rezaei (Chicago 11-15, 17) is walking across the country from New York City to Los Angeles to raise money for unhoused Chicago residents. He is almost finished with his journey – you can track his journey and donate on his Instagram page here.

A Nebaga-crew at the October wedding of Louis Levin and Maggie O’Hara



Josh Kotin (Chicago 91-96, 98-01) and Katie Durick – Benjamin

Tom Elson (Chicago/Washington D.C. 93-99, 01-04, 09, 13, 17) and Adam Backels – Ethan

Paul Schutz (Chicago 97-02, 04, 06, 08, 10) and Lauren Schutz – Isla

Scott Ventrudo (Redondo Beach, CA 98-03, 05-09, 12) and Emily Brosius (08-09) – Noah

Joel Sircus (Chicago 01-07, 09-10, 14) and Stephanie Rivkin – Cooper

Michael Kaplan (Los Angeles/Washington D.C. 01-05, 07-08) and Elizabeth Kaplan – Henry

Ben Donchin (Oklahoma City 03-08) and Stephanie Donchin – George

Michael Cohen (Atlanta 05-07, 10) and Emily Cohen – Jack



Bernard “Nardie” Stein (Fort Smith, AR/St. Louis/Minneapolis 55-90)

Bob Mendelsohn (Cincinnati/St. Louis 40-44, 50, 67)

Allan Sher (Washington, D.C./Santa Monica, CA 42-47)

Walter Shifrin (St. Louis 44-47)

Tom Horwitch (Winnetka, IL 49-56)

Mike Samuels (Youngstown, OH/Washington, D.C. 50-58)

Dick Siegel (St. Louis 54-59)

Harry Dennery (Louisville 55-58)

Joanne (Hirschhorn) Wolf (Cincinnati, 77-79)