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Truly Making Camp A Place of Welcome For All

Founded in 1995, Camperships For Nebagamon (CFN) supports children who otherwise would not be able to enjoy a private camping experience. These children, from a diversity of backgrounds, enjoy life-changing experiences and enrich the camp community with their diverse cultural perspectives. CFN aims to support campers for multiple years, giving them sustained access to a summer community in which to build friendships and identity.

Leveraging income from the Muggs and Janet Lorber Endowment Fund and individual donations, CFN currently provides partial tuition for nearly 50 boys attending Camp Nebagamon each year. Since 2002, CFN has also funded partial tuition for girls attending Camp WeHaKee, located in the Chequamegon National Forest of northern Wisconsin. As funds allow, CFN plans to identify other “partner” camps to fulfill its charitable goals.

Utilizing an annual evaluation process, CFN’s board has been heartened by the positive impact of its funding on individual campers and the broader camp communities.

CFN depends upon continued contributions to sustain current campership levels and to be able to increase the aid available each year (both to keep up with the rising costs of private camps and to increase, as possible, the number of camperships provided each summer).


A Path Toward Success for Disadvantaged Children

The Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund provides life-changing camping experiences for children who live with poverty in their homes and communities, and/or physical, cognitive or psychological disabilities. Contributions to the CN Scholarship Fund support tuition scholarships at non-profit camps uniquely qualified to change the lives of such children through recreation, friendship and experiences that cultivate skills and values needed for success in life.

Thousands of children who face such challenges have attended camps near their homes—near many cities where Nebagamon campers live—thanks to the generosity of Nebagamon alumni and friends. Founded in 1947 by Muggs and Janet Lorber, the CN Scholarship Fund was administered by Nardie and Sally Lorber Stein for over 50 years.

Contributions will benefit both organizations and are tax deductible.

For more information visit https://cncharities.org/virtual-keylog/