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There are two books about Camp Nebagamon, both of which are available below

Thanks for the Pines: A Celebration of Camp Nebagamon chronicles Camp Nebagamon’s storied history through more than one thousand remarkable photos and two-dozen heartfelt personal expressions from many of Camp’s icons (Eric Kramer on tripping, Frank Sachs on projects, Nardie Stein on Paul Bunyan, Judy Wallenstein on camp food). From Council Fires to Cruiser Days to cabin cookouts, from the Waterfront to the Range to Swamper Hill, we explore the friendship and fun, the people and places, the traditions and timelessness of Nebagamon. Thanks for the Pines transports the reader back to those 77 acres in the Northwoods and those long and unforgettable days of summers past.


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“We drew on our combined 134 years of experience at Nebagamon and decided to buckle down and put our beloved institution’s history down on paper!  For 2 ½ years we wrote, researched, interviewed, invited some guest writers, pretty much lived and breathed the book. We hope you enjoy it!” – Nardie & Sally

When we set out to write this book, our goal was to capture the essence of Camp Nebagamon and all of those people, past and present, who have created its unique history. We wanted our readers to share in the joys and sorrows of the camp’s alumni and delight in memories that may have been lost. Most importantly, we wanted to preserve Camp Nebagamon’s legacy. We hope that alumni will read this book with gusto, savoring cherished memories from long ago or not so long ago. And we hope that non-alumni will still be entertained by the stories of Camp Nebagamon’s past, from 1929 to 1990.

344 pages chock full of history, anecdotes, and over 260 pictures.

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