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COVID-19 Guiding Principles

COVID-19 Guiding Principles

Right now, we’re laying the groundwork for an amazing summer at Camp Nebagamon, one that is healthy, safe, and fun. We anticipate that COVID-19 will have an effect on the summer of 2021, and are preparing accordingly. We wanted to make sure that our camp families had some insight into that plan, and have established a few guiding principles that will help us achieve a successful summer. You can view those guiding principles below.

Consult the Experts

We are gathering the most scientifically accurate and up-to-date guidance we can on how to safely run camp this summer. We are currently consulting with the American Camping Association (ACA), both nationally and in concert with the Northland and Wisconsin chapters. The ACA, in collaboration with healthcare consultants, has published a field guide for camps that we are using to plan our summer. We are receiving guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and the Douglass County Health Department. Additionally, we are working with our in-house doctors to make sure our guidance is tailored to our specific needs.

A Top Notch Staff

At Camp Nebagamon, we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff. This summer, we’re planning on hiring a larger staff than normal to make sure there are enough helping hands around, as well as a longer staff training to help our staff prepare for whatever challenges COVID may bring. Our whole staff will be trained on job specific COVID prevention procedures and be equipped with appropriate PPE. Additionally, we are hiring additional nurses to expand our medical staff, on top of the RN and MD we have on call and at camp 24/7 every summer.

Testing, Masking, and Social Distancing

We are preparing to use these specific interventions when necessary to help keep our community safe. Our plan for this summer will most likely involve all three of testing, masking, and social distancing, and we are hard at work to make sure that these interventions will not hamper the camper experience at camp this summer. Our staff is creative, innovative, and flexible – we know they’re up to the task, and will make sure these necessary interventions do not get in the way of another terrific summer at camp!

Increased Sanitation and Hygiene Protocols

On top of building a brand-new handwashing station outside the Rec Hall, we are focused on increasing sanitation both in and out of the cabin, particularly when it comes to high-touch areas. For instance, we are hiring extra support staff to assist in sanitizing our bathrooms, kitchen facilities, and program areas around camp. Additionally, we are providing sanitation tools in the cabins so our staff and campers can regularly clean and sterilize high touch surfaces in cabins. On top of regular handwashing, we plan to make hand sanitizer widely available to campers and staff throughout camp.

A Closed Campus

An important component in our plan is to form a camp “bubble” for the summer of 2021. This will entail starting in cabin-size pods, and expanding to larger groups over time. We are planning on limiting travel and visits to and from camp to essential business only. This will probably require a quarantine period with testing before and after arrival at camp, as well as a health screening upon arrival. Additionally, we are currently exploring travel options to make sure that our campers can come to camp as safely as possible.

Rapid Response

Camp Nebagamon has navigated health crises in the past, including our experiences with a Norovirus outbreak in 2012, and H1N1 in 2009. We have a quarantine and isolation plan in place that will allow us to react quickly in the event a camper or staff member falls ill. In coordination with the experts listed above, we are making sure that plan is current and appropriate for a response to COVID-19.

Clear, Comprehensive Communication

We are committed to making sure you, our camp families, are up to date with decisions surrounding the 2021 camp season. We are focused on providing thorough and transparent communication leading up to, during, and after this summer, both for your peace of mind and for the health and safety of your camper.

If you have questions about or preparations for the summer of 2021, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can call us at 208-345-5544, or email us at