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Adam's Summer Updates

Warming up…

If you have been following the Lake Nebagamon weather reports over the past few days, you will notice that we have been in the grip of a pretty good heat wave here at camp. (Admit it, as much as you pretend to be living your own life there, one of the first things you do in the morning is check the Lake Nebagamon weather report! It’s ok. Rest assured that your children are CONSTANTLY asking me about the weather back where you are!) With daily temperatures hitting the low 80s and quite high humidity, we have really been feeling it.  Well…let me clarify.  When I say “we have really been feeling it” what I mean is “we ADULTS have really been feeling it!”  You see, the whole complaining about the weather thing…that is a grown up thing.  I mean think about it.  Can you remember the last time that you were sitting at the dinner table with your 11 year-old and he broke out into a riff about how the humidity was really dragging him down?  It just doesn’t happen.  They seem impervious to it all.  Rather, the only evidence of the kids being affected by the weather is when you may hear one say, “Hey, I’m kinda hot…let’s go swimming!”  And, luckily for your kid, he is in a place where, when he is kinda hot, he gets to go swimming!

The thing with heat waves is that when they end, they often end with a bang.  You see, what ends a heat wave is, well, colder air!  But when colder air meets with warm, wet air, oftentimes it results in stormy weather. Please don’t ask me to explain this further, the knowledge bomb I just dropped on you was learned from a trivial pursuit question I got wrong…and that is the extent of my knowledge of the hows and whys of climatology!  But, I have become GREAT at reading a radar during my tenure in this job.  And yesterday, as the heatwave was about to be met with a cold front, I spent a lot of time honing my radar watching skills.  When I looked at my favorite weather website yesterday morning (, it was full of warnings about the potential for severe weather later in the day.  This was not what I wanted to see at all so I went to my second favorite weather website ( in the hopes of finding a more optimistic forecast. No luck. More calls for severe weather.  So, finally I went to my “when all else fails” website ( and was crestfallen to learn that even they were full of admonitions about the weather to come in the late afternoon.  By noon, we were officially under a tornado watch and the foreboding clouds had moved in overhead. (Don’t worry…a happy ending is on its way…you don’t have to skip to the end or call 911!)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that our Lumberjacks were scheduled to head over to visit our friends at Camp Birch Trail for the ONCE A SUMMER CONTACT WITH GIRLS THEIR AGE!  (For many, this only added to the heavy sense of dread in the air!) Well, when that final NOAA tornado watch hit, we decided that a trip to Birch Trail, which was even more directly in the path of the severe weather predictions, didn’t make sense…and we were forced to cancel. 

As the afternoon wore on, there were moments of rain, and even a few cracks of thunder, necessitating us to move the kids into their cabins for periods of time.  But the big storm never came…and despite being cooped up in their cabins for a fair bit of time, the kids were great sports, and the counselors did a magnificent job of keeping them engaged and having fun.

At dinner, it was still a bit rainy and you could just tell that the kids were itching for something active. And then the weather cleared.  So, just as planned, the boys all got to participate in their village activities.  The Swampers swam at the waterfront, the Loggers had an intense game of Newcomb on the lower diamond, and the Axemen played full on speedball on the Upper Diamond.  And then there were our lovesick, forlorn Lumberjacks. Poor guys. They had been assigned the tennis courts, which were wet and unusable. But, these are resourceful Nebagamon guys.  They were not going to be denied their “social” or their village activity.  They took it upon themselves to create their own social.  The event was complete with get to know you games (duck-duck-goose…or duck-duck-grey duck, depending on your geography), a progressive cabin to cabin rave (that’s a dance party to the un-hip in my readership), and, of course, some trench bombardment. They had a blast! However, they are still shooting me the stink eye for cancelling their official social (except of course for those that were relieved beyond relief that the most awkward night of the summer was replaced by one of the most fun ones!)

Today the skies are gloriously clear and we are all loving a perfect 75 degree day…

All is well in the North Woods….