90th Reunion

Packing List

Remember to label EVERYTHING with your name….you never know what Holzbergs Laundry will lose! *


Plan for VARIABLE weather (and check the weather before you come.)  Bring clothes for 3 days and any of Mother Nature’s curveballs!

Swim trunks (sorry old schoolers, we will not be offering the 1940’s naked swimming!)

1 bathrobe – for trips to the shower (when we were all younger we felt good about just walking to the shower in a towel, but let’s be honest, at this point, covering up is a better idea!)


Warm coat


Water shoes (remember those?!?)

Sleeping bag or sheets and blankets for your bed.  We will not be able to provide these.


Flashlight (yeah…we know you think you know camp so well that you can walk around in the dark, but let’s be honest, it’s been a while.  How about playing it safe!?)


Dopp kit (yes, that’s what we still call them!)

1 pair work gloves – for chopping wood at campcraft **

1 pair of pliers for handling hot tin foil packets **

4 bars of soap to be turned in to Nardie upon arrival for community use **

1 box of tin foil be turned in to Nardie upon arrival for community use **

1 rubber sheet (if enuretic)…funny how things come full circle huh?


Optional items:

Tennis racket

Pocket knife

*  Just kidding….we love Holzbergs

**  Just kidding, we are still flush in foil and soap from the previous 90 years!